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Pull tracking data from Motive as needed Started

Motive would a greater asset my organization if the process that consumes the tracking data (typically in the form of CSVs, but subject to change) could pull data when it's needed, rather than having to be pushed by the user.

I am a developer of the process that consumes tracking data (consumer).

There are a number of problems with Motive's current capabilities:
A human has to open every single take and export the CSV. This is time consuming because there are MANY takes spread across MANY folders (sessions). In addition, the default export directory is not that of the source TAK (why?), which means the user has to navigate to the right folder frequently, which is slow and error-prone.
If the consumer (process) encounters a take that has no CSV, it cannot proceed.
If the consumer encounters a take where the CSV is out-of-date (the TAK file has been modified since the CSV was created), it cannot proceed.

I would like to program the consumer to pull tracking data on an as-needed basis. This would mean that in the case where the data does not need manual cleanup, there would be no work for the data collector after collection. If the consumer encounters a problem with the data, it could then alert the user that cleanup needs to be done, and only the takes that need cleanup would need to be reviewed.

Ideally, pulling the data should be possible using some kind of library that does not require Motive to be open (preferably not even installed, just a DLL). No solving needs to happen during export. The consumer just needs to get the data that is already in the TAK file.

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