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Canada distributors Completed

The distributor you're forcing people to shop with in Canada is absolute garbage. Can't buy from their website, website is complete ... well, just take a look. They force customers to call them to place an order on the phone so they can make sure you're buying what you want to buy (for real, I'm not exaggerating - I couldn't even place an order via email so I had a transaction record). For the love of consumers who want your product in Canada, please allow someone else to sell TrackIR.

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Michael Cybulski
Agreed! I thought the same and recently ordered direct from Natural Point. After spending CAD$90 extra on shipping and import taxes, my device doesn’t work anymore after about half an hour using it. I’m still hopeful for a solution through a ticket on here, but I just hope that I’m not forced to pay for shipping and import fees again... my costs on that alone would equal the amount I spent on the product itself.
maxym fortin-bélanger
I agree this is the only reason why right now i'm waiting for maybe pay less than 90$ for shipping that's crazy